Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Personality Assessment

How can the MBTI ® help you in your relationships, career or business?
The MBTI ® is the world's most widely used and best researched personality instrument. It is a self-report questionnaire based on Carl Jung's theory of personality types.
It can help to answer:

  • Why you can relate to some people and not others
  • Why you are attracted to some people and not others
  • Why some people seem to speak your language, even at first meeting
  • Why some things stress you, while other people find the same things exciting or fun
  • How to appreciate the strengths or differences of others in your team
  • How to talk the same language as your prospects
  • How to find a career that matches your personality type
  • How to get the most from your employees
Cost $79 (includes self-scored form plus verification and clarification of type)