Career Direction Consultation

Unsure of your direction? You may be just starting out in your career or have been in the workforce for years. We can lead you through a structured process of personal review to help you discover what really motivates and drives you. We help you to find a path that reflects who you really are. We also help you to build on the qualifications and experience that you already have if that is relevant. Ultimately, we're helping you to find your passion! This process draws on contemporary career theories and frameworks and uses a “self-discovery” approach to help you:
1 Gain clarity around your career direction and goals;
2 Discover your core values, interests and personality to find a direction that fits with “who you are”
3 Uncover “blockages” imposed by your previous conditioning or thinking;
4 Visualize yourself in a world where you have the ability to design and create your own future
5 Think outside the square eg alternative forms of employment and enterprise such as home-based businesses and portfolio careers
6 Consider realistic possibilities for your future career that will give you lasting work satisfaction
7 Consider further education and training pathways that may be relevant to your needs;
8 Consider the benefits of lifelong learning; and
9 Consider a holistic work-life balance
The Career Direction Consultation process involves the following steps:
1 You complete My Career Voyage© booklet at home which is mailed out or emailed to you prior to first consultation;
2 You attend the first face-to-face consultation (2 hours) which involves the identification of your priorities, interests and values, and completion of MBTI personality assessment;
3 You attend the second face-to-face consultation (1 hour) where the assessment results from previous session are discussed and several possibilities for your future are identified;
4 You complete the Developing Your Career Plan© worksheet at home to help you identify your preferred career direction;>
5 You attend the third face-to-face consultation (1 hour) where your preferred direction is discussed and your career plan is developed;
6 A final face-to-face session is held 6 – 12 months down the track to review your progress with your career plan.

We also offer 12 months FREE telephone or email follow-up if you need further information, want to bounce other ideas off us, or need any other help.


Cost $520